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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 28, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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[ all cheering ] nothing says fall like dunkin' donuts. try our pumpkin lattes, muffins, and donuts. like the fall season, these flavors won't be here forever. dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunk'. try any of our authentic hot lattes, including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. goodorning, america, on this wednesday, october 28th, 2009. breaking news from afghanistan. suicide bombers storm a u.n.
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safe house and aim a rocket at a major hotel. as there is news this morning about what the president may decide america should do in afghanistan. also this morning, word that the san francisco bay bridge has been closed indefinitely, after a cable snapped on to rush hour traffic. cash to spur americans to buy golf carts? we investigate fine print in the stimulus package. and find that this may be the best cash investment of all. love and loss. patrick swayze's wife, lisa, joins other women in sharing lessons of grief and the return to life. ♪ why, why and "this is it." the reviews of michael jackson's last performance are in. and we'll tell you what they say about the movie. and good morning to all of
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you. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin's returning from assignment. and it seems another day brings another lethal drama in afghanistan. suicide bombers disguised as policemen. >> especially here, the ability to pull off a complex attack, not only rses questions about stability. but questions about the upcoming presidential election. sorry to say this, is now the deadliest month in the eight-year war in afghanistan for american troops on the ground. >> and senior foreign correspondent, jim sciutto, is in kabul, afghanistan. close, maybe a little too close at times, to where one of the rockets struck. jim? >> reporter: you're ght, diane. we woke up to explosions, gunfire. and a rocket hitting our own hotel. in two hours, two, protected locations in the capital, two places thought to be safe, shown to be vulnerable.
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in the capital, a violent, chaotic early morning. the first attack, inside a u.n. guest house. explosions. a fierce firefight. american chris turner, a private contractor, was a guest in the hotel, who fought back. >> a two-hour gun battle. it had to be more than two or three. i know one of the suicide bombers killed one of the women inside. she was trying to get out through the fire. and he blew himself up. >> reporter: many of them were election workers for next week's presidential runoff. upstairs, two women were trapped by fire in their room. >> what should we do? crying. yelling. panics. >> reporter: by late morning, at least 12 people were dead, including the 3 attackers. this is supposed to be a secure compound. you see the guard post here. a heavy, metal gate. and there were several other guards inside. still, the attackers managed to force their way in. as the attack was raging here, another attack rocked our own
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hotel, one popular with foreigners and journalists. the entire hotel staff and guests were evacuated to a bunker three levels underground, where we heard more blasts. what about the other explosions? the attacks follow a brutal two days for u.s. forces here. october is now the deadliest month for the u.s. militar since the start of the war. eyewitnesss told us the u.n. security guards fought back bravely, keeping the attackers from accomplishing, which they think their goal was, which was taking hostages there. we asked one eyewitness, where the attackers came from. he told us, everywhere. >> we keep using the word suicide bombers. but there was something more sophisticate right? how do the attackers play into this, now that they're launching a two-front attack? >> reporter: one, they were wearing police uniforms or army uniforms. but they came inside, guns
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blazing. and with suicide vests strapped to their chest. way in.t inside, fought their at least two of them set off those explosive vefts and killed the people inside that compound. >> jim, please stay safe over there. diane? and for "the bottom line" this morning on how the white house is reacting to the latest events, as the president decides how to respond to troop levels. we turn to chief washington correspondent, george stephanopoulos, and host of "this week." the insurgents would also be trying to influence the president's decision on what he does. what are we learning this morning? >> diane, the white house says there's no way the attacks will influence the white house. he's going to make the best decision for the strategy. the president has not made any final decisions yet, on the number of troops he's going to send or if he's going to send them. there is an urgent consensus, based on five points.
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there will not be a withdrawal of troops of troops from afghanistan. number two, the new forces that go in will focus on protecting key cities like kabul, and kandahar. number three, there will be acceleration of training of the afghan army and military. that would be part of efforts to turn the taliban who are not radicalized yet. and meanwhile, the special forcesnd drone attacks will continue to target al qaeda. again, diane, no final decisions on numbers of troops to be sent. on when or how quickly they will be sent. but that consensus is emerging. >> senator john mccain put the pressure on yesterday. let's listen. >> every day that goes by without that decision being made, the more days there are when young americans are unnecessarily in harm's way, in my view. >> the administration and the
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military, diane, say they are not exposing troops to new risk. they are not sending them out on new missions yet. and the president is facing pressure from democrats in his own party, who are resisting more troops. we saw this on our own poll last week. there's new polls that demonstre the same dynamic going on in the public. the number of americans who support the idea of sendi ining troops is increasing. basically, the country is divided on whether to send new troops. a month ago, they were very much against it. >> back to the question on time. there's news that it seems to wind down, the deliberation. >> the president is closing in on a decision. there's no question about that. they're focusing on two, possible windows to announce this decision. one is likely to be monday november 9th, or tuesday, november 10th. but there's still a debate
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inside the administration. some believe it would be better to wait until after the president gets back from asia, which is about a week later, because the president wouldn't want to make the decision and then leave the country and have it debated around him. but they're focusing on those two, key windows for the possible announcement. >> george, thanks so you this morning. we're going to turn, now, to deborah roberts. she has the other top stories of the day, including the disturbing scene in pakistan this morning. >> that's right. good morning to you both. women and children are among the victims of another major attack this morning, which came shortly after secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in that country. at least 80 people were killed and 200 wounded when a bomb ripped through a market in the city of peshawar. secretary of clinton was three hours away in islamabad, beginning a three-day public relations blitz, aimed at stemming a rise in anti-american sentiment. back here rat home, new concern about the stability of one of the country's busiest
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bridges. weeks after major repairs, part of a support system on the oakland/san francisco bay bridge has snapped, forcing it to be shut down. our ryan owens is in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: deb, good morning to you. it's windy in the bay area. investigators are looking at what role that may have played. one thing for sure, the impact on the morning commute here cannot be overstated. more than 250,000 vehicles pass over that individual every day. at the height of rush hour, three pieces of the bridge's support structure snapped. and crashed down on to the upper deck. those pieces, believe it or not, hit a couple of cars. imagine the surprise of those motorists. fortunately, no one was injured. here's the troubling part. this happened on a part of the bridge that was just repaired over the labor day weekend. and this bridge and its structural integrity have been
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under the microscope since 1989, when a 50-foot section of that bridge collapsed during the big earthqua earthquake. now, the bridge is closed again. and no one can say when it might reopen. deb? >> ryan, thanks. the faa has revoked the licenses of the northwest airlines pilots that overshot the minneapolis airport last week. the pilots admit they were distracted by their personal laptops and missed the airport by more than 100 miles. they have ten days to appeal that ruling. with unemployment soaring and the budget deficit at an government bailout appears to be in the works. auto lender, gmac financial services is asking for up to $5.6 billion in additional federal aid. that's on top of the $12.5 billion it's already received to keep loans flowing to car buyers. this is an amazing sight. at a west african animal sanctuary. caretakers were about to bury a
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chimp that died of heart failure. suddenly, members of her chimp family, abandoned their antics silently, and gathered around the grave. experts say it's further evidence that humans aren't the only species capable of complex emotions. that's the news at 7:10. it's amazing. and all of the employees said they were taken by it. >> their faces with those expressions. we think we recognize on them. >> exactly. let's turn to sam, now. big winter storms coming up. >> it cranks up today. nine stategetting snow today. we'll begin with pictures out of salt lake city yesterday. it's where the light snow started. today, the system gets moving. salt lake picked up an inch or two. denver, a live shot out of that area, today. could get up to a foot of snow. 19 -- let me see if i got this right. '97 was the worst storm, the worst october storm in denver. 19 inches of snow there. i wouldn't be surprised by a foot, give or take an inch.
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here's the areas that get a big hit of snow. rapid city, shy yen, denver, salt lake city, you've had yours, into taos. this is going to spread during the day today. ground travel and delayed with another hit of snow. behind the system, storms continue to crank. not the strong winds. but wouldn't be surprised by 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and heavy rain continues throughout the day today in new england. a very good morning, brian
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van de graaff here watching the last batch of rain that is moving to the east. it is moving along the chesapeake beach area. 59 degrees in annapolis and 60 downtown. the forecast to set new, a little bit of sunshine and in the mid 60's. in and out of the clouds on friday. showers possible for halloween night. all of america's weather in the next half hour, including the biggest snow system of the season so far. diane? >> okay, sam. thanks. now, another of those mysteries that make you question what goes on in the minds of children. a 15-year-old girl, set to appear in court today, in missouri, faci murder charges in the death of a 9-year-old neighbor. abc's eric horng has been looking into it. eric?
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>> reporter: good morning, diane. authorities have released very few details about this crime, and about the teenage suspect, who, by all indications, does not fit the profile of a child killer. the death of 9-year-old elizabeth alton, is shocking to her family and community. >> she was somebody special. they called her a girlie girl. she would be outside in the snow or the mud in her frilly, little dress. >> reporter: but perhaps equally troubling, is that police have reportedly arrested for the crime, another young girl. >> it wille the judge's obligation to look at the individual. and look at her. excuse me, juvenile circumstances. >> reporter: elizabeth went missing last wednesday, prompting a massive search effort that would end in heartbreak. police discovered her body in the woods near her home, after the 15-year-old suspect led them there. elizabeth's family has told abc news, that the day she appeared, she was playing with the suspect's sister. as elizabeth was walking back home, the suspect called her
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cell phone and invited her back to her house. now, the teenager has been charged with first-degree murder. although, it hasn't been decided if she will be charged as an adult. >> i advise that they wait. listen to the facts as they come out. learn about this person. learn about this child. >> reporter: because the suspect is a minor, today's court hearing is closed to the public. the judge expected to rule on whether the suspect should remain in custody or be released to her parents until the trial. chris? >> all right, eric. thank you for that. we're going to turn, now, to a story of an attack by pirates on the high seas. a retired couple was on the sailing trip of a lifetime, when they ran into big trouble. abc's jeremy hubbard has the story of their capture. >> reporter: family members say they fear for the safety of paul and rachel chandler, a retired couple on a sailing trip, who went missing tuesday. authorities believe pirates are likely holding them in a stronghold like this one off the coast somalia.
7:16 am
naval forces say they thought they saw their yacht. >> the first sighting of a yacht, since we started looking for a yacht. it's on a skiff, which is a pirate skiff, clearly. >> reporter: an island chain off the oes of east africa. the british couple was headed to tanzania, on a route through waters notorious for pirate activity. >> they're not stupid people. they knew the dangers. >> reporter: but apparently it's not safe. a pirate named hassan, says he has the couple. on the travel blog, the chandlers wrote of the somali pirate problem. a distress signal was written on the blog, saying please ring sarah. >> it was a shock. yeah. been up all night, worrying about them. >> reporter: piracy continues to be a problem in the indian ocn. earlier this year, the u.s. cargo ship, "the mersk alabama"
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was hijacked. they're hoping the family is well now. we shift to the economy. and heads up. we may be telling you about the easiest way to make quick money. we've been looking at the fine print of the stimulus package. and what about an $8,000 tax credit for buying a souped-up government cart. abc's congressional correspondent, jonathan karl, is on the trail. jonathan? >> reporter: diane, thanks to the stimulus, this is a great time to be in the golf cart business. although administration officials say these vehicles are so souped-up, they're really not golf carts at all. you be the judge. these are boom times for florida's golf cart man. he's got a nonstop flow of customers, in person and online. so, business is good? >> business is excellent. these are all orders.
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>> reporter: so, what's going on? a sudden golf boom? no. this spending spree, which is being reported by dealers like this across the country, is fueled with your tax dolrs. right on your shirt. get $5,900 tax credit. buy a street legal car. don't call them a golf cart, right? >> no. they're not golf carts. >> reporter: that's an important point. under the stimulus bill signed by president obama this year, if you buy an electric vehicle, you gate check back from uncle sam, for up to $7,500, depending on the size of the batteries it uses. but the tax credit only goes to vehicles primarily used on the road. so, don't call them golf carts. >> it looks like a golf cart. >> reporter: but it's not. >> it's an lsv car. >> reporter: lsv. low-speed vehicle. >> right. >> reporter: that's why the irs just certified the vehicles as eligible for the tax credit.
7:19 am
this one costs less than $9,000. but gets a rebate of $6,500. that's more than car buyers got in the cash for clunkers program. and they had to turn in an old car to get it. and it's nearly as much as the soon-to-expire first-time home buyer tax credit. and that's to buy a whole house. as you can imagine, customers love it. >> i only came in because i was impressed with the fact of the rebate. >> i could foresee using this for all of my driving within our community. >> reporter: and these things can be really souped-up. ♪ it's got a great sound system. at about $18,000, the hummer model is pricey. but act now, and you get $6,000 back from the government. 0 to 25 in about 10 seconds. now, the irs wants to emphasize, as we were told over and over again, that these are not golf carts. these are street-legal,
7:20 am
low-speed vehicles. and they also say that this tax credit runs out, as of december 31st. if you want to get in on this, diane, you have to act by the end of the year. >> if it walks like a golf cart, it's not a golf cart. what, jonathan, is to keep people from buying one, getting one. and turning it around immediately, flipping it, and making the money? >> reporter: well you, could certainly do that. and the way to do that would be to buy it now and sell it after the tax credit runs out. you can't do much of that. the law strictly speculates you can only buy one of these. so, one golf court. one tax rebate per taxpayer. >> thanks so much. keep looking into the stimulus package for us. coming up, we're going to take you to the conference out in california, where a group of women got together for an extraordinary session, including patrick swayze's widow. talking not so much about loss, as about life and how you return to life. we're also going to look
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the amazing quality of sony bravia... from the leader in unbeatable prices. save money. live better. walmart. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everyone. i am alison starling. 7:22 is your time. let's get a look at traffic. we still have written around the region, what is the latest? >> there is a lot of heavy traffic and heavy fender benders around the area. around 610, there was a small fire on an amtrak locomotive. it affected the marc rail pen month train. the trades are now running but if you take a pen line train, check before you leave the house. they are undergoing substantial
7:24 am
delays. let's look at traffic roundabout way and it is a slippery but moving close to the mormon temple. in virginia,t moving past the pentagon on 395. >> it is damp outside but the last of the showers are moving east. there will be a little bit of drizzling great for the morning. mild temperatures at 50 this morning. as the day wears on, we will watch the moister move out and we will have a little sunshine and temperatures will be in the 60's this afternoon. we could get into the upper 60's. we will be right back.
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there is good news in the fight against the swine flu for the government says more doses of the vaccine are now available. >> the doses are there, according to the cdc. many in our area and across the nation are having a hard time getting the vaccine. for hours, people are waiting in lines like this one in montgomery county. some are walking away not vaccinated. >> everybody wanted us to go on. >> she had the swine flu and stayed out of work for three days. co-workers are concerned that
7:27 am
the swine flu would hit them. >> i have not been to work at all. i have been a key with chills. >> production of the vaccine is back on track. >> we have an increase in demand. >> for people demanding the vaccine, getting it cannot come fast enough. >> parents don't know if they get it because it incubates for two or three days. at least 3000 doses of the vaccine will be given out across montgomery county today. only the nasal spray is available which is not for pregnant women, children under two or those with chronic health conditions. all clinics are scheduled to
7:28 am
begin at 4:00. to night you have the chance to sound off on the intercounty connector tolls. the trip from one side to the other could cost you more than $6. new york mayor rudy guiliani will campaign for republican bob mcdonnell in the governor's race in virginia in charlottesville and reston. the poll numbers show that bob mcdonnell has a 17% lead over creigh deeds. we will have another news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8.
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a taxi in new york increases business 30%. states like nebraska distribute benefits without mailing checks, saving millions. digital currency became the currency of progress, because progress is what it brings the world. visa. currency of progress. ( woman sings ) ♪ ♪ all right. here, the movie has sold out to audience ises around the country, waiting for michael jackson's concert film.
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elizabeth taylor calling it, the most brilliant piece of filmmaking ever. but is it for real? and is it the michael jackson dancing that we have come to expect? we're going to give them our verdict coming up. we have someone right here who has seen it. and is going to tell you about the whole thing. good morning, america. diane sawyer with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment. also this morning, the allegations surrounding david letterman's show, that there's somewhat of a culture in late-night tv. that it's a boys' club. and it's hard for women. we have a former writer who worked there. she's speaking out about it. coming up in this half hour right now, it was an emotional afternoon at the women's conference in california. a group of prominent women gathered together for a special panel, on something maria shriver, who is mohosting the conference, is rarely shared, grief. among them, is lisa, who spoke
7:32 am
about the death of her husband, patrick swayze. claire shipman joins us live from los angeles. claire? >> reporter: good morning, diane. it was hard to listen to at times. the grief was so profound. and in some cases, so raw. it was lisa neemy. it was maria shriver, susan st. james, and elizabeth edwards. they laid their souls. so we could learn about surviving something unimaginable. her beloved husband, patrick swayze, died just five weeks ago. >> this is new to me. and i thought during the 22 months of my husband's illness, it gave me this time to get used to the idea. and i found for myself, when i actually got to that point, i said no, no, no. it wasn't the same at all.
7:33 am
the actual loss is -- it's like an animal all of its own. it's almost when the grief takes it, your body's not your own. >> reporter: one of the mt difficult parts of his final days, dealing with the tabloids who were on a death watch. >> it was emotional cruelty. when what you have is hope, you want to hang on to that hope. but in everyone -- >> the tabloids took it away from you. >> every, single time. they're killing him off. every week. you know? every month. it was very demoralizing. you know, when somebody is out in the universe, saying you're dead, on such a big level, you want all the positive thoughts you can. >> reporter: and moderator maria shriver's grief was also raw the recent loss of her uncle, ted kennedy, and her best friend and mother, younis shriver. >> my mother's death has brought me to my knees. i had feared it all of my life.
7:34 am
i was terrified when it actually happened, i wouldn't be able to go on. in fact, i was sure of it. a life without my mother was and is unimaginable to me. >> reporter: shriver confided to the crowd of 10,000 people, that she felt her mother reach out to her just after she died, through a nun. >> the woman looked at me. and she looked at me right in the eye. and she said, your mother and the virgin mary sent me here to you. i burst into tears. >> while elizabeth edwards lost her 15-year-old son, wade, in a car crash over a decade ago -- >> there's times that i dissolve still, to this day. >> reporter: as she faces her own battle with cancer, she finds unexpected comfort in seeing him again. >> death offers me a reunion with wade. death offers me that. >> reporter: dick ebberson's
7:35 am
wife says after her 14-year-old son, teddy, died in a plane crash, she found strength by looking at life in a different life. >> we're not human beings having a spiritual experien. we're spiritual beings having a human experience. and i could picture teddy as a spiritual being. and coming down on earth. and having these 14 cool years. and then, going home. >> reporter: but there are some steps she still can't take. >> i never moved teddy's clothes. it's five years. i've never gone in his room. i go in. and i dust it. but i never moved his things. we talked about that. and that's really weird. >> reporter: the women beared their emotions because they believe truly grieving and connecting helps the healing. >> jacqueline kennedy knew just what we needed to do. she stood there and said, we're going to be strong to get through this. but it set an impossible standard. and you feel like wailing,
7:36 am
completely guttural, completely raw, and completely full of pain. we don't allow ourselves that. >> i could embraced teddy, finally, in a way that was, he's my kid. they can take his body. but i own that boy. and i love that boy. >> it just enriches the whole tapestry of life, when you connect with other people. and it can help you so much. and anybody going through that loss, i would encourage it. even though you still have to live with the sadness, it will add and enrich what you have. and see what you do have and that love and that connection is a beautiful thing. >> reporter: i don't think, diane, that i've ever seen so many women together listening and literally crying. it was hard almost to get out of your chair afterwards. but it was oddly uplifting, too, to have heard all of that. >> yes. i'm sure they were hushed and also they took away from it some
7:37 am
strength. but let me ask you what lessons they gave because i know they did, about that most awkward intersection of good intentions and uncertainty. when you try to say something consoling to someone. did they say what really helped? >> reporter: they did. that's interesting. they did all talk about that. susan st. james, joking that she remembered somebody saying, i know what you're doing through because my dog just died. and she knew it was an awkward thing to say. but everybody, to a person, said we just like the fact that people reach out to us. don't be afraid. and don't be afraid to say, i don't know if this is the right thing to say. but i'm going to say it anyway. that, you know, the people who reached out in those first days and were brave enough to call and talk are the people who really made a difference to these women, diane. >> reaching out a happened. and not staying away because you're not sure what you should do. okay.
7:38 am
thanks so much, claire. it's very moving. now, we turn to sam with the weather again. >> we're going to go back into that big, western storm. nine states picking up snow during the day today. it's going to be heavy snow. look at what's falling this morning. this is how it looks in denver. overnight, the snow started to wind up. and this storm really hasn't gotten itself together yet. it will be full-on by this afternoon, into tonight. and that means more than a foot of snow falling in some of these areas. the mountains will come up with two feet of snow. here's how the storm steps up, as it steps out of the mountains, it cranks up in the plains. there's that big hit osnow in the north. let's tell you what you're getting out of this, in the snow areas. into taos. it's in the 6-inch to 12-inch zone there. when the storms crank up later on today, it's probably a pretty sunny day in a lot of locations that will get storms. but by tonight, these storms will really go, with 80-mile-r-hour winds, large
7:39 am
hail, and tornadoes. that's san angelo, wichita falls around the region this morning, showers are pushing out. temperatures are in the mid and upper 50's. we will have a little sunshine today. cooler tomorrow and friday. and all that weather was brought to you by the buick la crosse, diane. how many come day writers for the late-night comedians are female? want to take a guess? want to be surprised? stay tuned. does it need to be all guys to be funny? we'll see what you think as a former letterman staffer speaks we'll see what you think as a former letterman staffer speaks out. weatush here.o see the if you want to access 10 gigs of music you just downloaded to your hard drive, push here.
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so we can save on all our game time favorites. and if there is a better price out there, they'll even match it. which means come game time... ...i'm just as ready as he is. game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. al all right. to the world of late-night comedy. we heard all the allegations
7:43 am
about letterman. was it bigger than just him? is it a culture? is it just a hostile place for women because it's such a boys' club? well, who better to tell us that than a former female writer, who tells us all about working there. john berman is following up on what could be some insight here? >> reporter: it's interesting. since the letterman scandal broke, chris, we're waiting to hear what any woman who worked for letterman, to find out what it was like. we have heard, big-time. but this former writer is saving her most scathing barbs, not for letterman. but for the process. >> if that doesn't make you sick. >> you want more jokes, folks? you do? >> reporter: what do these late-night hosts have in common? yes, they're all funny. and, yes, they're all men. you can see that. but what you can't see, is every person writing their jokes, every, single one, is a man, too. "the daily show's" jon stewart, once joked about the phenomenon, while surrounded by a sea of
7:44 am
white maleness. >> i always found that diversity is the most important part of a writing staff. >> reporter: former letterman writer, nell scovell, isn't laughing. she writes about late-night's all-male gag order. the boys' clubs that make up the writing staffs. >> i don't know if they're intimidated about women. they don't care about women. they don't want to reach women. i don't know. >> reporter: i had no way of knowing how the odds would be stacked against me, scovell writes, one of seven women hired by his show. as for the scandal, she said letterman never hit on her. but she was aware of rumors about his relationships. and relationships between other high-ma h high-level male staffers and employees. did that create a hostile work environment? yes. did i believe these female staffers were benefing professionally from their personal relationships?
7:45 am
did that make me feel demeaned? completely. she said it created an atmosphere of sexual favoritism. >> sexual favoritism in the workplace is when a supervisor is having a consensual sexual relationship with a subordinate. >> reporter: scovell let letterman after just 13 weeks. and went on to a successful career on shows like "coach." she's coming out now, to encourage the late-night shows to hire more women wrirs. >> good evening, my fellow americans. >> reporter: there are exceptions. tina fey was head writer at "saturday night live." and david letterman's head writer for many years was a woman. still, they are the minority. one reason could be the audience they reach. >> who is their demographic? they want to reach 30-year-old guys. >> reporter: by and large, executives at these shows say they get far, far fewer female applicants. one-fifth as many, according to one i spoke to. some say they do feel uncomfortable they aren't getting more women on board. one thing they might try, get a
7:46 am
woman host. >> might help. good point. and why apply if you know the jobs don't usually go to women? john, appreciate it. when we come back, "this is it." does michael jackson's last movie live up to the hype? when we come back. my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is also proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. while you've been building your life, plaque may have been building in your arteries.
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7:49 am
7:50 am
"around the watercooler" this morning, guess who has tested the waters for us on the michael jackson film. it day bureaued overnight. midnight, fans around the world attended premieres for "this is it," the heavily promoted concert film. chris connolly was on the red carpet at the l.a. premiere and joins us this morning with the verdict. chris? >> good morning, diane. how are you? >> great. >> let's see. this movie is like, it's like the cinematic equivalent of a blind date. you'll have a much better time if you have rational expectations going in. "this is it," is not a concert film. the production michael jackson was working on was in rehearsals at the time of his death. this is a rehearsal film. as a result, you see michael, working like a pro would work in
7:51 am
rehearsal. maybe 75% or 80% of his top gear. you do see him at work. and you see glimpses of the thing that made him great. in addition to seeing him go through these fantastic hits, sings and dances through the numbers. even though he's in street clothes. even though there isn't a huge production. you see him going through the creative process in a way that we've never seen before. cajoling the collaborators to play something his way. testing out new pieces of choreography on the fly. it's exciting to see that. every now and then, he hits a note. knocks out choreography. and say, that's the entertainer of his generation. >> that's the curiosity, right? the curiosity of this film is not where this performance is. but what the level of his tality is. we had orianthi on the show yesterday, playing. and she said he looked good. >> and she is incredible. she shreds her way through "black and white" like you can't believe.
7:52 am
there's nothing wrong with him going 80%. he's marshaling his energy like any pro in a rehearsal. you expect him to be like that. >> chris, it's sam. there were these conversations about whether they used a double or not. when you're watching the movie, can you tell? is it michael jackson? >> it's michael. there's lots of michael. there's not that many cameras covering him. they were just shooting a rehearsal. it's not like you're watching "hannah montana" the movie or something. you can see it's him. you can see him tell his collaborators, i need it to sound like this. that's a side of michael we've never seen. he loved magic. he loved not showing you how the trick was done. and you sort of feel bad that there isn't that magic just because it is a rehearsal. >> i heard one reviewer say, he thought it was too long of a film. what did you make of it? >> it's michael jackson doing hits. i could have stayed there all night. he's got 50 songs you love.
7:53 am
>> thanks for the review. patrick dempsey is coming up >> thanks for the review. patrick dempsey is coming up next. in under a minute. with over 200 varieties of coffees and teas from 13 leading brands, you'll always find your favorite cup. like it's ground, measured, and brewed just for you -- because it is. keurig single-cup brewers. choose. brew. enjoy. (announcer) you knw you're .gonna need it. why not stock .up for less? walmart has unbeatable prices on everything your family needs for r cold and flu season. save money. lie better. walmart. trying to be big like you, dad. you're so good at keeping everyone full and focused with your fiber. but you already are great at doing that. really? sure! you're made with fiber just like me. but best of all, you're the perfect size for smaller kids, and they love your chocolaty taste.
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. it is 7:56 on wednesday
7:57 am
morning. i have your local update. let's look at traffic and weather. >> we are up to our eyeballs in water. they closed to motor 1in edgewater between route two and brick church road. that is between the davidson bill and riva. a tree came down on macarthur boulevard. that is the close between chain bridge road and w street. i want to show you a picture of traffic in our cameras which texas onto 395. this is the pace in virginia on the wet pavement. >> the rain is tapering off. clouds are pretty thick across the area with a little frightening and this guy and we think there could be some clearing out. we had over 3 inches of rain in
7:58 am
some places. temperatures will be in the 50's. rain continu to taper off and it will be mostly cloudy with a little sunshine. tonight, clouds and fog and tomorrow, cooler and more clout. d.c. residents are without a home after an extermination attempt went wrong. fire officials say a bug bomb exploded in an apartment in the 5200 block of connecticut avenue after midnight. it blew out windows and caused $25,000 in damage says. we will back with another news update at 8:25. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with new details on the american hikers detained in iran. is this home video proof of their innocence?
8:01 am
could it be their ticket home? plus, an emotional case of mistaken identity. a father's search for his son and the surprising twist that has them both looking for answers. and a double-whammy on "dancing with the stars." two couples gone. they join us live with the behind-the-scenes scoop. and good morning to all of you. chris cuomo and diane sawyer, on this wednesday -- do it for me. >> october 28th. >> 28th of october. and for your mcdreamny fix here, patrick dempsey. sneak peek of the new "gray's anatomy." >> we have a double-treat. patrick was in "sweet home alabama," with reese witherspoon.
8:02 am
she's here. and the two have teamed up in real life for a very special cause. >> and i love the idea of a group of people getting together, and ch brings a recipe. and it's not just a recipe. but it attaches to a moment in their lives. you're going to meet the women behind a new cookbook novel called "the press by club." that's ahead, as well. fit, let's head over the to deborah roberts with the morning news. >> good morning, again, everyone. we begin this half hour, in afghanistan. an american is among the 12 killed this morning. the gunman managed to foil security by wearing police uniforms and suicide vests. the taliban claims the responsibility for the attack, part of a campaign to subvert next month's runoff election. and there's deadly chaos in neighboring pakistan. a bomb went off in a crowded market in peshawar today. it came just hours after hillary clinton arrived in that country,
8:03 am
to show support for pakistan's new military offensive against al qaeda and the taliban. new video has been released of the three, american hikers detained in iron since july. their families say it proves that the hikers were simply on vacation and had no other motives when they allegedly strayed across the iraq/iran border. our stephanie sy has more. >> yo. it's hot. 'cause the men are rock. >> reporter: dancing one day. in detention the next. three months later, joshua fattal, shane baaer, and shourd, are languishing in prison. still being questioned by iranian authorities. >> we thought it would be a great way of showing the world who these ki are. and the fact they are farmless. and they had no intention of going into iran. >> reporter: the video was shot by their friend, who stayed behind the day they were arrested. >> keep going on with the
8:04 am
moving. >> it puts a face on these people, after months in detention. and not knowing enough about them. and there's the concerns, why are they there for so long? what does the iranian government want from them? >> reporter: earlier this year, iran released journalist roxana saberi. but what happened to another journalist, is still a mystery. by releasing the videos, the families of the hiker hope to show -- >> someone get me a fan because i'm in curt stan. >> reporter: this was all an innocent mistake. for "good morning america," stephanie sy, abc news, new york. back here in this country, former nfl players and league executives are testifying today at a congressional hearing on head injuries in pro football. a recent study found that retired players suffer from alzheimer's and other memory-related problems at 19-times the normal rate. tennis legend, andre agassi, now admits using crystal meth.
8:05 am
then, lying to officials when he failed a drug test. in his upcoming autobiography, agassi says he turned to the drug in 1997, when he plunged in the tennis rankings. he avoided suspension when he claimed an assistant accidentally spiked his drink. michael jackson's estate has raked in $90 million in the four months since his death. and that's only good enough for third place among top-earning deceased celebrities. the top spot on the forbes list goes to fashion designer yves saint laurent, who made $50 million. and elvis follows michael jackson on the list. that's the news at 8:04. coming up on 8:05. on to sam and the weather. >> i'll bet the michael jackson comes up. >> of course, it will. this is only four months. >> i have to acknowledge the fact we have jugglers right
8:06 am
beside us. how can you have them without it? can you talk and juggle? >> sure. >> you do charity with your juggling. >> we do. we go into camps for kids with cancer. we empower them. it's youth helping youth. it's an amazing program. >> that is lovely. ann can talk and juggle at the same time. chris, she says patrick dempsey was a juggler, too. >> i'll give you $10 if you hit sam in the face. >> let's get to the boards quickly. we'll show you what goes on. $10. $20. cheyenne, denver, colorado springs, too. if you're concerned because of the rain in the northeast, about game one, and it's phillies and the yankees, you will get it in. it will be cloudy, but the rain will be 52. it is damp in the northeast. and we are in the mid and upper
8:07 am
50's with of the rain moving out. temperatures will climb through the upper 60's this afternoon with sunshine. we wildry out and have some partial clearing, low 60's. tonigh scattered clouds and it will cool off. cooler tomorrow wit more weather from a kind of wet times square in the next half hour. diane? >> okay. thanks, sam. we hear a lot about moving stories when adoptive parts and biological children have a reunion. but this one has a startling twist. and yunji de nies is here to tell us the story. >> reporter: good morning, diane. mixups happen all the time. but when they involve two people that have been waiting their entire lives to meet for the
8:08 am
very first time, it can be absolutely heartbreaking. >> here's your baby pictures. >> that must have been 1977. >> that's you, right? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: meet two men, drawn together by a past filled with longing and pain. their story begins in 1975. ron riva and his high school sweetheart, kathy, were very much in love. >> kathy was a cheerleader on the team. i played football. >> reporter: but the teenagers faced a tough decision. kathy was pregnant. >> at that time, being 17 years old, and scared and not sure what to do, we turned to our faith. >> reporter: they decided to give the baby boy up for adoption through catholic charities. it was a tough choice, especially for young ron. in a letter to the adoptive parents, he wrote, the only thing i could give him would be my true love. but he needs a good home. >> i wanted him to know that he was born out of love.
8:09 am
and i had given him up as a gift. >> reporter: for 30 years, ron wonded about that baby boy who he came to know as phillip. >> you have your own children. you know, your bonds. your thoughts. and then, i go back. there's something -- there's a piece missing. >> reporter: then, in 2005, the pieces would come together. with the help of catholic charities, phil, now 30 years old, agreed to meet ron for the ultimate father/son reunion, a baseball game. >> it was awesome. and everything felt really natural and really good. >> reporter: ovethe next few years, ron and phil grew close. so close, ron decided to add him to his will. that's when his lawyer insisted on a dna test. the results were shocking and heartbreaking. >> the report came back. none of us were related.
8:10 am
>> reporter: what went through your mind? >> i thought of phil. and i didn't know what to say to him, you know, because again, he's a great guy. and i didn't know what to say to him. >> reporter: but now, there was a bigger mystery. >> where's my son? >> reporter: they took that question to catholic charities' executive director, francis dolan, but say he was unable to provide any help. >> i keep waiting for them to ll me what happened. what went wrong? what got switched? but that call's just not coming. >> and at that moment, you know, the moral -- the moral value of what i did was gone. >> reporter: dolan told us, he believes the mixup happened very early. perhaps even before ron's real son arrived at catholic charities. >> the files get mixed up. did two babies get mixed up?
8:11 am
at our institution or at the hospital? we simply don't know that. >> reporter: catholic charities says at the time, there were at least six baby boys in their care. but because adoption records are sealed by state law, dolan says there is nothing he can do for ron or phil. >> it's heart wrenching. you know? it's his story. it's his personal identity. i would love nothing more than to be able to provide him with his story. >> reporter: leaving phil to wonder about the basic details of his life. >> i'm just looking into a little bit of history about where i came from. what my actual birthday is. and so far, i don't know. >> reporter: now, not father and son. but friends. the two are on a quest, side-by-side, searching for answers. >> we would just take this journey together. and we would do it together. >> reporter: it's hard to know
8:12 am
exactly where things went wrong. it could have been at the hospital. those records are long gone. or was ron's true son one of the six other boys adopted around the same time. unfortunately for this case, all those adoption records are sealed by state law. >> you're saying they can't approach the six other babies in the catholic charity and say anonymously, would you be interested in coming forward and being tested? >> absolutely not. the adoptees have to approach the organizations. they don't know what the family relationships might be. those children might not even know that they were, in fact, adopted. >> so, right now, they're just completely at a standstill. >> absolutely. catholic charities say they have intake forms ready. they have people by the phones. they've added staff. they hope someone will see the story and come forward. >> it was still a moral act of love. thank you, yunji. for more on the story go to coming up next, patrick dempsey, here, live, "gma." juggling.
8:13 am
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8:17 am
patrick dempsey is here. yes, he's been nominated for two golden globes. but the true reward he gets it from the audience. he's here juggling and everybody loves him because he's talented and handsome. >> thank you so much. >> and it makes me sick. >> fantastic. >> it's great to have you. everybody loves you. on the small screen. on the big screen. and here, of course. "grey's anatomy," sixth season. >> i know. unbelievable. >> this season, a little bit different. they're going to have episodes that focus on a single doctor. the first one is you in a very tough situation. >> yes. it's been fun because they've changed the whole dynamic of the show and how we're telling stories.
8:18 am
i was the first one to go out and carry the first episode. i'm in every scene. it's a very tough case. there's a tumor in the spine. i have to remove it. the choice is, do you sever the spine to kill the tumor? or do you try to remove the tumor and save the spine at the same time. that's the debate i have with my fellow surgeons. >> great conflict for your character because you're known as the best. doing something they say can't be done. >> what happened to you? >> excuse me? >> there was a time you would convince me to do the surgery. but know, your first instinct is no? what happened to you? >> you came to me as the chief of surgery, and i said no. as for my medical opinion, its is still no. there is such a thing as an inoperable tumor. >> what if it's there. i get in there -- >> anything but cutting the cord will kill that man. how many times do you want me to say it. you're not operating on an inoperable tumor. it's a tough job, derek. are you sure you still want it?
8:19 am
>> the human drama is always good. but there's some policy points that will find their way into the nati narrative, true? >> we have the merger. it's what we're discussing in washington. do you take the money? how do you take care of the people? how do you do both? and that's become the conflict between myself and the chief in this episode and continues throughout this season. >> you have the normal human head, where you're thinking about these issues. and then, as an actor. >> because the show has a big turnover, we're going 25 episodes a year, we should be a reflection of what's going on in the medical community. >> other works you have going on. you're a big deal, mr.dempsey. you have a lot going on. you're working with your life. tell me about the project with your wife. it's called coif, right? it took me a while to pronounce that. it's spelled c-o-i-f.
8:20 am
>> it's hair. we learn to do hair and makeup. >> is that cosmetology? >> cosmetology school. i guess it would be. it's a three-camera idea, sitcom. hopefully we can get the pilot in. and shoot that. and hopefully people like it. >> working with t wife, great? >> fantastic. i wouldn't be here without her. >> aw. >> and she's here this morning. and she got up in the morning. >> literally, you would not have woken up on time and got here, without your wife. >> that's right. >> that's great. >> i spend so much time away from kids and family. it's great to be with her this weekend. this week. >> it's great to have you both here. now, reese witherspoon. where were you last night, mr. dempsey, giving you a perfect appearance? >> we were at the avon foundation gala award ceremony. they do a great job with breast cancer and domestic violence. deeply moving experience.
8:21 am
they do such great work. not only with breast cancer, which is a -- a woman is diagnosed every three minutes, which is devastating. and domestic violence is something they're shedding light on. to be there, to be part of that, i'm proud to be there. >> raise big money? >> i think it was $2 million last night, which was remarkable. they do -- with that money, it gets out into the community. we were fortunate enough last year. i opened a cancer wellness center in maine, at central maine wellness center. it's made a difference in our community. >> important for you to raise awareness, help people. >> otherwise, it's a waste, honestly. it's so fleeting. it's so empty at the end of the day. if you use it to shed light deflect in another direction. >> last year, reese witherspoon was doing love heals. she promise med one. she said men were going to get one. did you get one? >> i didn't get one. >> i didn't get one, either. >> but we'll run into her today.
8:22 am
reese witherspoon think it's an easy go. >> you're in a good mood this morning. >> every day at "gma," it's a good day. we have the people in the audience. will you juggle as we go off here. >> absolutely. >> you're so talented. >> i'll teach you to juggle. don't worry. >> can we have the juggler with balls? >> i can juggle five balls. >> oh, wow. these are the clubs, right? >> yes. for charity. go online, >> every rotation, i complete is $1,000. >> yes. from diane sawyer. >> diane sawyer. counting off. >> that is $15,000. >> $20,000. "grey's anatomy" thursday night, at 9:00, 10:00 central. very nice. managed to miss my nose. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges or a day with ewer leaks, or a trip with fewer overactive bladder problems. (pipe doctor) " once daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle
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which means come game time... ...i'm just as ready as he is. game time costs less awalmart. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ ♪ when it comes to protecting the things you care about... ...leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto, home, and business. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway. it is a the clock 25. >> -- it is 8:25.
8:26 am
>> it started this morning on route 610 with a fire on a locomotive on amtrak. they had shut down access to the parking lot on the 50 side in new carrollton to the metro station. traffic is able to get through that area. we then had a crash on kenilworth avenue southbound at the exit for rfk stadium's. couple thatith braylon and road spray and we had huge delays -- couple that with rain and road spray and we had huge delays to go into a northeast washington. there is an armored car on fire on the beltway. this is in prince george's county on the inner loop after pennsylvania avenue but before the exit for enters the air force base. >> showers are moving out of the area. 54 degrees in frederick. it will be partly cloudy with
8:27 am
some sunshine today. temperatures will climb from the 50's into the 60's this afternoon with quite a bit of mild air. 67 degrees should be the high. we'll be right back.
8:28 am
our exclusive survey shows republican bob mcdonnell has 817% lead over creigh deeds. -- has a 17% lead over creigh deeds. mastermind of the sniper attacks in d.c. is scheduled to die by lethal injection on november 10. he has asked the governor for clemency.
8:29 am
his ex-wife tells us that his children still love him and they plan to see him before he is executed. >> they have expressed that they want to do this. i have about this and i will go through the process to help that happen. >> she says she has never had any communication with her ex- husband since he was arrested. at least 3000 doses of the swine flu vaccine will be given out across montgomery county today. clinics will be held at north with high school in silver spring, nw high-school in = = ay the nasal spray is available. all clinics are scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m. about at churchill high school in potomac, the showill go on for the students are pting on the performance of the play "
8:30 am
chicago." this past monday, school leaders decided to cancel it because of its racy content. outraged parents and students showed up at a school board meeting to object. school officials announced yesterday they will now allow students to go ahead and put that play on. >> i am emotional. i am real happy. >> thank you so much. the band, the crew, the cast, are so appreciative. >> the show will open on friday, november 13 as originally scheduled. we will have another news update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. there he is. had the place jumping. but not enough to save jmpship snowboarder, louie vito.
8:31 am
>> that's right. melissa joan hart was also voted off. double-elimination. and they join us live this morning. >> i can't watch it. >> it's eli. it's early in those lights. good morning to the four of you. can't wait to talk to you. we say hello. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo and sam champion. robin is on assignment. and this morning, reese witherspoon is here. she's a working mom. and she has an idea to make women's lives better everywhere. something that works for women's lives. we'll hear that from her. i'm not just eating it because it's delicious, but this cranberry muffin is part of a book that talks about food and friendship. >> we love figuring whose tooth prints there are, in all of the tops. >> you want me to hold that for you? >> no. don't covet the mof fin. let's get to the boards.
8:32 am
going to show you one or two things this morning. here, we're looking at a live shot through the new york city area. we have a little bit of rain and some fog. little blowing action around here, too. as soon as the low kicks out of here, the skies get better. and we're on to drier air tomorrow. if you're concerned about the game tonight, game one, looks like you will get that game in. let's get to the boards. into the northwest, we have another system moving into the northwestern corner. that means seattle will get showers today. eugene, to reading, san francisco. tomorrow, you'll probably pick up some showers. and the heavy snow, nine states are getting snow today. and the highest elevations in the untains, could get two and a very good morning, brian van de graaff here and we see the brain pushing out.
8:33 am
the temperatures are in the upper 50's and should get into the upper 60's all that weather was brought to you by travelers. chris, with reese. i love the long hair. >> thanks. >> don't listen to him. >> i like your hiking boots. >> he has his mouth fled with muffin. ignore him. >> he looks like such a rugged man today. >>hank you. >> and the monogrammed shirt. rugged, indeed. this is a gad way to get into this. reese's mother told her, if she wants something done, get into it. she took mom's advice. and now, is a paid spokesperson for avon. she travels around the world, bringing attention to breast cancer and domestic violence. just last night, she was at a benefit with patrick, that raised $2 million. it's great to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> a lot of people in your
8:34 am
position don't involve them in this way. the benefit last night, brag on it for me. >> it was great. i started doing a lot of work for children's charities. i discovered through that work, the most important thing you can do to help women and children and families, to take care of their mothers. empower women. working with avon, with this incredible foundation work they do, with their initiatives for breast cancer and also to fight domestic violence, has been incredibly inspiring. so, you know, last night was just sort of an extension of the work we were doing. >> being a parent yourself, how does that change the game for you, in terms of how you see service? >> well, it's certainly, if you want to create a better world for your children. and hopefully, you leave a better place behind. it's been a great opportunity for me to be able to give back through the avon foundation. and the work, i get to travel across the world and meet different kinds of mothers and women everywhere, who are struggling with a lot of similar
8:35 am
things. >> i see situated next to you, a bottle of perfume that's not mine. it's called in bloom. tell me about it. >> avon approached me about making a perfume. and i was excited. i have always loved scents. i got to be involved creatively. it's inspired by my childhood, growing up in tennessee. >> how so? >> i grew up admiring my grandma so much. and she was a feminine woman. and had the perfume bottles on her bureau. it has magnolia and peach tree leaves. how does it work on a news man? well or no? >> i don't know. would you like to try it? >> the offer from you rings hollow. thank you for that segue. the last time i spoke with reese witherspoon and the good work. take a look at this clip. and pay attention to what is said by reese witherspoon, truth-teller. take a listen. >> this is the woman's
8:36 am
empowerment necklace. and it has an infinty symbol, that represents the infinite purposes. >> here's my beef. where's mine? guys are the whole problem going into it. nothing for them to raise awareness. where is my bracelet? >> the men's empowerment bracelet. >> we'll work on that. >> she says, we'll get it. we'll never happen. >> we want you to be included. >> i have to -- >> oh, gosh. >> he's going to smell like me. >> you smell fabulous. >> i smell southern. >> do you smell like a magnolia? >> i like it. i'm allergic, by the way. she tried to help. >> this is for you. it wasn't an empty promise. >> i had to shame you into this. >> no. this is empowerment necklace. >> let me have this.
8:37 am
i still have perfume in my eye. remind people what this was all about. >> thiis a fund-raising product that avon created this empowerment necklace. we've raised $8.7 million to stop destic violence around the world. >> this is it. this is all i wanted. i didn't want perfume in the eye. this is very nice. >> you get to feel like me. >> you see how diane came in here to help you? >> that was sweet. >> sprayed me in the face with perfume. made you laugh. this is nice. >> i hope you wear it. >> i'm going to wear it. >> you can rock it out. >> every time you see me in a shirt/tie combination. >> secretly, it's underneath there. >> under there. continue the great work. great to have you. more information on the avon foundation and last night's gala, go to when we come back, the tale of
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we all kno there are certain foods in our lives that bring back such potent memories. important cross roads in your life. there's a book that tells the story of two friends, through the foods that you eat at major events in your life. it's called "the recipe club." and abc's taryn winter drill spent time with authors, andrea israel and kathy garfinkel, at their own recipe club.
8:42 am
>> reporter: apple-versary cake. a cake made eve year to celebrate falling in love. regular. a mom's meal for one. it's a coming together of women and friendship, through the love of food. what do you say to somebody that says, i really want to join a recipe club. but i'm not a good cook. >> these recipe clubs are not about being a good cook. they're about story telling. >> i think what people are hungry for, is the face time. getting together with friends. >> reporter: though their book is fictional, recipe clubs are as real a your grandma's apple pie. i brought my appetite and joined in, as a group of women dished about the dishes that shaped their lives. first up was debbie, who revealed how she learned to cook, for one. >> my daughter and i spent a lot of timing cooing when she was little. she went away to college. and i couldn't figure out how to make this meal for myself for
8:43 am
just one. it took a while to bring the portions and make it just the right way. i make it so often, i call it regular. it's my regular meal. it helped me kind of deal with her leaving. and taking care of myself with this food. >> reporter: tonya shared a story about her grandmother's bread pudding. >> she would collect bread for the week. it might be bread that we had. or bread that neighbors gave her. they came to know that she was the bread lady. she would massage it into the milk. bake it. slice it. and i was the delivery girl. it's about those scents and that love and that sharing. >> reporter: sarah was in the middle of potentially moving to moscow, when she was invited out by friends. >> he got talking to me. i got home and my phone rings. i pick up the phone. he says, hi. i don't know if you remember me. this is the guy from the night before. if you're not too busy today,
8:44 am
would you go apple picking with me. >> reporter: sarah baked an apple cake. and has baked it ever since. >> that's our apple-versary. and we celebrate that. i'm such a dork. but every year, we celebrate the day that we had our first date. which is, to me, a much bigger deal than the wedding anniversary because almost as soon as we knew that we were going to get married. >> reporter: i shared a food memory. this is my mom's desrt noodle family. we all it a brill family staple because this is something we've grown up with, ever since i was a little girl. this is what my mom made for every, single holiday. >> reporter: after everyone shared a story and exchanged recipe cards, we shared a food that meant something special to each one of us. >> nice ideas. these muffins, by the way, cranberry muffins, somebody made
8:45 am
them to learn math. you know how you had -- >> right. >> by the recipes, you get to measure everything. >> do you have a recipe to submit? >> my mom's dressing. it's interesting. this woman said she would collect bread. my mom would make dressing on sunday. i would love to do that. >> family and your mom. source of resourcefulness. >> warmth. >> mine would be julia child's boeuf bourguignon. i didn't even know what it meant. i made it. and everyone smiles. i remember that moment. >> i could never pick one. for an italian, food is such a big part of family. my mother, everything that she makes is great. kristina. makes is great. kristin- ( wind blowing ) - ( music playing ) announcer: once there was a thing called "paper money". it had to be passed hand-to-hand.
8:46 am
it had to be mailed. it had to be locked away. then visa used technology, turning money into electrons. zeroes. ones. digital currency. digital currency did things paper money couldn't. amazing things: a merchant in mumbai makes a mobile transaction with a bank in london. a taxi in new york increases business 30%. states like nebraska distribute benefits without mailing checks, saving millions. digital currency became the currency of progress, because progress is what it brings the world. visa. currency of progress. ( woman sings )
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8:48 am
oh, louie vito. beautiful name. professional snowboarder. his partner, chelsea high tower, going toe-to-toe on the dance floor. a double-elimination night, sent him home. the magic also ended for "sabrina the teenage witch" star, melissa joan hart. and her partner, mark ballas. i never like when the couples come to us. the judging bothers me. i must congratulate the four of you. this is a travesty they kicked you off the show. >> i agree.
8:49 am
i agree. >> please? >> hey, guys. it's deborah roberts here. how are you? >> hi. good. >> hello. >> hey. >> i did a bit behind the scenes a couple years ago. i remember george hamilton say that the bonding was great. and it was the best exercise ever. which are you going to miss most, sabrina? >> sabrina. melissa. >> otherwise known as sabrina. i apologize, melissa. >> i'm used to it. there's a lot to miss here. the four of us bonded. we were really tight. it's kind of interesting thate all go off together. but i had a great time. the whole thing. it was a dream come true. >> you were sick last week, right? one of you had the flu. one of you had a cold. who had the flu? >> i had the flu. >> mark had the flu. and i got something this week. >> do you think that affected your performance? >> i don't know. >> i don't think so. >> it affected rehearsals a little bit.
8:50 am
>> i thought she danced beautifully. just the name of the game. it happened. we're both bummed out. we had a wonderful time working together. >> we did. >> there's the mask. >> i thought you did great. and you guys were fun to watch. let me ask you, mr. vito, because your name sounds italian. i feel a bond with you immediately. >> i feel the same thing. >> snowboarding. i'm a big fan of the x-games and these sports. you had never danced. this is impressive. do you think the acrobatics you were able to pull off from the snowboarding, did it help? >> the flips definitely helped. that's the only thing that made me feel a little comfortable. other than that, i was lost out there. it was a whole, new world. that's for sure. >> you know what, though? what we love to watch is the progression. chelsea, tell us. mr. vito comes. were you impressed how he moved along? >> yeah. definitely. with an athlete, you have the work ethic there. he always came in.
8:51 am
always working hard. and he improvea lot. >> looked great. mr. ballas, please, return the favor to your partner, as well. were you impressed how melissa came along? >> absolutely. she had never taken a step in her life. we had a blast, from start to finish. we had a great time in rehearsals. this moment right here, the charleston. i said this is something great you can walk away with. you got a ten. got the encore. >> we broke a record. >> highest point change from one week to the next. i'm really proud of her. i'm bummed it had to end now. >> mark, you walked away with two titles before, with shawn johnson and kristi yamaguchi. this is a big change for you. who is your money on now? >> oh. >> wow. i think it's anyone's game at the moment. but i think donny and kym are looking great. and of course, mya's knocking it out of the park every week. >> what about chelsie?
8:52 am
what do you think? >> i have to agree with mark. mya is always looking great. she's a great performer, as well. >> it's interesting to me. everybody is very generous, even once their off the show in talking about the other competitors. for our sake, we'd like a little controversy. >> yeah. >> we'd like you to go over other people. >> trash talk. >> but you don't. is that part of the experience, that there really is a bond? >> absolutely. everyone gets along really well. it's like a family atmosphere. there's a lot of people out of their comfort zone. they're learning together. and taking this journey together. it's our job as professionals to help them and guide them. yeah. it becomes very friendly. we're all very supportive of one another. >> melissa, you have two kids. what do think think of mom strutting her stuff? >> they were loving it. next week, we were going to be dancing to a song from "jungle book," "bear necessities." and i told my 3-year-old already. he was bummed.
8:53 am
>> you can dance at home. >> exactly. now, i'll go home and dance with my boys tonight. >> that's going to be great. they have to be proud of mom. now, vito, are you going to go back to the hard scrabble world of snowboarding. you've been dancing. next thing you know, they'll be spraying perfume on you. >> i think i got out at the right time. who knows what was coming up next for me. yep. back to snowboarding. back to the loose clothing. loose posture and doing what you want when you want. and getting ready for olympic trials coming up. >> good luck. and best of luck going forward. >> thanks, guys. >> for the rest of us, of course, "dancing with the stars" goes on. you see the next round monday
8:54 am
8:55 am
(announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep- we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up- that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big.
8:56 am
you really do smell nice. >> i know. >> i feel better, about myself. this is the new me. >> hang up that suit. >> that's true. tell cristina, it was me. >> yes. very important. >> live, and in n
8:57 am
abc 7 news update. good morning. it is a the clock 56. i am doug mckelway. -- it is 8:56. >> there is a lot of affic out there. west of new hampshire avenue, a bright and dam road is under water. we will take you out to the
8:58 am
camera in leesburg. this will give you a feeling that you are dealing with road spray and rain but visibility is extremely poor. the springfield camera at 95 as traffic easing at the beltway. 29 at columbia there are flashing lights at stuart layne. >> we are hoping for a little sunshine but the clouds are hanging low this morning. the heavy rains are gone. 59 degrees downtown but look at rain totals. the beaches have picked up over 5 inches of rain. let's look at the maps. the storm system will leave today and warmer temperatures will come in, probably upper
8:59 am
60's. it will be dry later in the week and showers on halloween and a cooling trend for sunday. we set our clocks back saturday night. some tense moments for drivers in montgomery county. they got stuck in high water on brighton dam road. no injuries were reporte